Yanni Celebrating 25th Anniversary of Live at the Acropolis

The National Herald

Yanni is currently on tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of Live at the Acropolis. Photo by Yanni, via Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK – Yanni, the renowned musician, is currently on tour, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic Live at the Acropolis concert which made him a household name across the country thanks to the PBS special of the same name.

Filmed on September 25, 1993, the concert featured a full orchestra and the dynamic, long-haired, mustachioed Yanni, a Kalamata-native, performing his signature sound, the New Age instrumental blend of jazz, classical, soft rock, and world music. The special became a staple of PBS pledge drives over the years and paved the way for an entire genre of music that American audiences might have otherwise missed. It remains Yanni's bestselling release with 4 million albums and 600,000 home videos sold in the United States, and an estimated 7 million copies sold worldwide, according to

On May 12, Yanni appeared at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia where lucky fans with backstage passes met the musician. The New York Times reported that one woman, after meeting Yanni, said “if she died tomorrow, she would die happy.”

“When they like me, they really like me,” Yanni said before the show, the Times reported.

The Yanni 25 tour continues with stops in New York and Pennsylvania this week. Yanni appeared at Radio City Music Hall on May 19 and performed his classics from the Acropolis show as well as pieces from more recent albums. He began the concert with the famous Santorini and continued with his memorable works including Nostalgia, Reflections of Passion, and Nightingale with a vocal by talented soprano Lauren Jelencovich.

Yanni also took a moment to respond to the “Yanny vs. Laurel” debate that went viral recently. An audio clip from had divided the internet into those who heard “laurel” and those who heard “Yanny.” The musician had previously posted on Twitter that he heard “Yanny,” of course, with #YanniToBeExact on May 16.

Of the 25th anniversary of his iconic concert, Yanni said, “There’s no way you can redo the Acropolis. The only thing you can do is help the audience feel as close as we felt, bring them to that place,” the Times reported

Yanni 25 continues with dates all across the U.S. and Canada before the tour concludes in Boston at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on August 5.

More information about Yanni and the tour is available on his official website: