Tsipras Calls on Progressive Voters to Make SYRIZA "The Party They Need"


SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras. (Photo by Eurokinissi/MIhalis Karagiannis, FILE)

ATHENS- Main opposition SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras on Monday called on all progressive citizens of the country to take SYRIZA into their own hands and make it the party that the popular majority needs, on the occasion of his visit to Achaia.

In an article published on the local website, the leader of SYRIZA stated: "Today from Achaia, a place that has offered a lot to democratic struggles, I am sending a great democratic call to the younger generation, the young people who have pinned their hopes on SYRIZA, and all progressive citizens of the country who, in the July elections, despite the vicious war waged by the ruling elite and the media they control, confirmed that SYRIZA is the main pillar of the progressive faction."

Tsipras addressed "all progressive citizens of different origins and backgrounds," calling on them "to make SYRIZA, the great progressive party of the new age."

"Today from Achaia I appeal to all democratic citizens and I urge them to join SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in order to make a party of mass appeal, open, democratic, youthful and restless in thought and action. A party open to the creative initiatives of society, criticism, creativity, a democratic, pluralistic, interactive party."

He pointed out that "SYRIZA was not created to express the few. It was not created to serve the powerful and the elite, because SYRIZA is not simply the total sum of its members, it is not its deputies, it is not its local agents," he said and added that "the SYRIZA we dream of is not the SYRIZA of its leader but of the millions of its voters. Those who approach the party every day. They are the only 'owners' of SYRIZA."