We Live in a World that Rewards the Greedy, Says Author of Misterioso Arne Dahl

The National Herald Archive

Swedish author Arne Dahl. (Photo by Wikimedia Commons/Sara Arnald)

THESSALONIKI - Societies with inequalities are dangerous societies, according to Swedish author Jan Arnald, one of the most important contemporary writers of crime fiction, who writes under the pen name Arne Dahl.

'The greedy have found new ways to protect their money and send it to tax havens,' Dahl said during a press conference held at the 15th Thessaloniki International Book Fair on Sunday, adding that "we are living in a world that, for a long time, rewards the greedy..."

"'specially now that we have this condition where 80 percent of the wealth belongs to 1 percent of the people of the planet, this certainty remains central in my life,' added the Swedish novelist, who believes that we 'are in a very awkward stage where we must defend the democracy, which we did not have to do in the past because it was something given.'

Born in 1963, Arne Dahl works as a journalist and literary critic. He managed to keep his identity secret for a number of years but after his real identity was revealed after his sixth book. He was internationally established as one of the most important writers of crime and mystery stories with his book Misterioso. His books have been translated into many languages and received many awards, and some have been adapted for television, while he has also written non-crime fiction under his real name.

He believes that mystery stories have to be handled with seriousness and considers it 'a challenge' to find an original plot every time, something that he insists on, and not succumb to a traditional form of writing every time.