World Waking Up to Turkish Threat

The National Herald

Dear Editor:

The recent action by the United Arab Emirates of the sending of advanced F-15s to Greece indicate that the threat posed by Turkey is not only to Greece but to the Middle East allies of the U.S. and is now not only political for Greece but is now a military matter. Turkey in recent years has been flexing its political muscles backed by its military in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran as well as in that nation's surrogates. Certainly the Turkish support of the terrorist group Hamas has been a key indicator as to which way the wind is blowing. The bottom line is that other nations in the region now realize that Turkey has goals that threaten the peace of the region and for many nations in the region Turkey is an enemy and no longer a friend. Hopefully this recognition will ultimately become that of the U. S., as well.

Nelson Marans

Manhattan, NY