On Patience and the Coronavirus

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

To the Editor:

Some time has passed since the Coronavirus pandemic first broke out in the United States and left so many victims in its wake. But those of us who seemed lucky and didn't get sick had the luxury of getting tired. We waited for the economy to be restarted, for the shops to reopen, for us to go back to work, for everyone to get around in their cars or by public transport, to live again as before. At first, we took some measures and kept our distance but now we don’t do what we have to. We move around as if we forgot what happened.

Of course, the explosive situation created by the violent death of George Floyd also factored into this.

Now warnings from scientists have resumed. This is not a good sign. They see that the number of cases is increasing and they have started giving instructions again. Let's be a little more patient, we have to be careful not to suffer the same things again.

Stathis Kontogeorgis

New York, NY