Letter to the Editor: Two Brilliant Academics Were Lost this Year

The National Herald

Andre Gerolymatos, professor of history, winner of 2012 President's award for service through public affairs and media relations.

To the Editor:

Two brilliant academics were lost this year. Speros Vryonis, Jr. of Sacramento, California and Andre Gerolymatos of Vancouver, Canada were both prolific writers and strong supporters of Hellenic Studies. They encouraged other authors to preserve our Hellenic history both in America and abroad.

In 2018 a bust of Juan de Fuca was permanently placed at the Museum of Vancouver in Canada. Ioannis Apostolos Focas Valerianos (Juan de Fuca) was a skilled pilot on a Spanish sailing ship and is credited with the discovery in 1592 the Strait that bears his name. It is the access route to the Pacific Ocean from Puget Sound in Washington State. Present at the unveiling ceremony along with several dignitaries was Ms. Evridiki Livada-Duca the author of the Straits of Chimera which tells in detail the life of this mariner. Her book has all the basic elements in producing a blockbuster Hollywood film!

Ironically all above mentioned can trace their ancestry from the Greek Island of Kefalonia. Their legacy lives on.

Cleo Adeline Rumpakis

Portland, OR.