Letter to the Editor: On Dennis Mehiel’s Resignation

The National Herald

Left to right: Dennis Mehiel, Eugene Rossides, Cypriot Ambassador Leonidas Pantelides. (Photo by TNH/Bill Petros)

To the Editor:

In response to the article Dennis Mehiel Resigns from St. Nicholas Investigative Committee which appeared on August 4, it’s a bit troubling when one resignation follows another so closely. I’m sure Mr. Mehiel went into the special investigative committee with the best of intentions, as I’m sure Mr. Michael Psaros also did when he became the Treasurer for the Archdiocese, but unfortunately, it seems to be difficult even for the most successful businessmen to work with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Negotiating deals with the sharks of the business world is apparently a breeze compared to dealing with the hierarchs of the church. Maybe everyone should take a course in teamwork because it seems like nobody is on the same page when it comes to fixing the problems facing the church.

I wish the best for Mr. Mehiel and the church, but the entire situation doesn’t seem to be improving even after prominent businessmen have taken a shot at helping out.

Christos Chrisomallis

Minneapolis, MN