Letter to the Editor: On Bekatorou and Sex Abuse in Greece

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

To the Editor:

Ever since Olympian Sofia Bekatorou revealed her sexual abuse, many other women have followed suit and found the courage to speak out. Finally the time has come to do that, too. Until now, they were afraid because they thought they would not get justice and that no one would believe them. I think they did the right thing, though I would say they were late. They should report what happened, go directly to the police and stop feeling guilty. And not only them but also those who knew things and were in the same environment as the perpetrators and the victims. Even those who have suspected that something is happening, mainly the exploitation of minors, should speak out, but speak to the police, testify in the name of justice and to punish the criminals who destroy the souls of young people.

George Demetriou

Chicago, IL