Letter to the Editor: On Archbishop Demetrios

The National Herald

Archbishop Demetrios of America. (Photo by Bill Petros)

To the Editor,

There is a majority of us who have had enough of your baseless witch hunt of his Eminence Archbishop Demetrios. This picture you so loosely painted of irresponsible squander and frivolous spending, as if members of the Archdiocese are washing down lobster and caviar with draughts of champagne, while dancing girls dangle grapes to their mouths as they lay on the divan, is unfounded. All that second and third hand ["from good source"] information is nothing but rag fodder.

Those in the know understand that a significant amount of funds have been spent on legal defense and settlements. A price that is paid for operating in an accelerated litigious society. One of which an Orthodox church was never devised to deal with. It is obvious that his Eminence has chosen a defense of silence, to safeguard the church in these matters against its enemies. Of which whom, you may be standing in line with.

He has led the GOA with a far more spiritual pathos, than a capitalistic CEO. For this he may be legitimately faulted. To his merit.

Be careful whom you ally with. They are a minority.

Peter Misthos

San Francisco, CA