Letter to the Editor: In Support of Archbishop Elpidophoros

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

To the Editor:

Our wise hierarch Archbishop Elpidophoros, as the second Alexander the Great, with his catechism – which is so much needed by the faithful – during the Sunday Divine Liturgy, reminded those who are anti-vaccine of the importance of science and medicine as well as that the concepts of the knowledge, logic, and thought of every man are the work of God.

This catechism should also be made by the Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church to convince even the Roman Catholic deniers who number more than the Orthodox Christians and who trust him.

Alongside them, they can convince those of the other faiths of humanity.

I am a Greek Orthodox Christian with great faith and I justify the visit of our Archbishop Elpidophoros at the inauguration of the Turkish House because he is the only one who believes that the devil is afraid of incense.

By his presence there he reminded us of the way of life of the Apostles. His move was a sign of superiority and a great lesson for us all. 

Panagiotis Velentzas

San Antonio, TX