Letter to the Editor: Greek-Americans Should Visit the Homeland

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article “Greek-American Finds Her Roots & Relatives on 1st Ever Trip to Greece” (May 19 ). It is so nice to read about someone connecting in this way with the homeland.

Greek-Americans should try to visit Greece as much as possible. My own first trip was years ago, when my parents finally decided it was time to go back to the village and visit the relatives. Of course, at 11 years old I didn’t appreciate it but the experience was unforgettable.It was culture shock at first, but soon I found I loved the country more than I ever thought possible. It did feel like home, just like Carol Pappapetru-Hallas said in the article. For those Greek-Americans who haven’t yet made the trip for whatever reason, they should get their tickets as soon as possible. It’s the experience of a lifetime and I highly recommend it.

Christine Perdikopoulos

San Francisco, Ca