Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for TNH from MAFA

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

To the Editor:

I want to take this occasion to express the Mount Athos Foundation of America’s (MAFA) profound thanks to The National Herald for the support it has provided for our work this year. On September 23, for MAFA’s first fundraising campaign, it ran an extensive article featuring MAFA and its mission of support for the Holy Mountain.

To help us further with our first-ever fundraising campaign, it provided three free advertisements for MAFA! One of those ads was running even as I began to write this newsletter.

This kind of support is priceless, and on behalf of the Mount Athos Foundation of America, the entire MAFA Board is pleased to thank The National Herald for helping us launch our fundraising efforts so brilliantly!

Robert W. Allison, President,

The Mount Athos Foundation of America, Inc.

Greene, ME