Bravo to Those Speaking Out in Archdiocese

Εθνικός Κήρυξ Archive

Mr. Theodore Kalmoukos in in his recent article titled Anti-Ecclesiastical and Dangerous Behavior scores some fine points toward Fr. Theodore Barbas. Yet Fr. Barbas was the only one to raise his voice against the egregious action of our esteemed AB in the matter of our clergy pension plan, the general non-observance of American holidays, yet absolute recognition of Greek holidays, a laisez faire attitude about matters on the parishioner level which require his attention. Yet when money talks progress halts.

We have seven other Metropolitans. Why didn't any of them individually or collectively, stand up and speak out? There is something wrong with a spiritual system which does not allow for an Orthodox believer to speak out on an obvious and flagrant commission of error. So here we are in the 21st century liturgizing as if we were in the 4th century where our hierarchy has become the continuation of that cultural period while the dogma and liturgy remain inviolate. Kudos to Fr. Barbas for speaking out! You have taken a huge step toward the liberation of the hierarchy from the highly structured, fraternity bound by 1500 years of a tightly woven history.

Nicholas Karakas

Naples, FL