Appreciation for Nick Tsiotos and Andy Dabilis

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

To the Editor:

The service that authors and historians Nick Tsiotos and Andy Dabilis have provided to all Hellenes in authoring two very important treatises, one on the legendary and tragic life of baseball and football great Harry Agganis, and the other on the heroic efforts of marathoner Stylianos Kyriakides, in showing the world the plight of Greece post-World War II, are important and must reads for all Greek-Americans. Both stories and books are captivating and compelling, and should be in every Greek-American's library, as examples of philotimo, excellence and the ideals of Hellenism.

Both tales also ring loudly with the Order of AHEPA, in that the most prestigious AHEPA award for Athletic excellence, world-wide, the Harry Agganis Most Outstanding Hellenic Athletic Award, is a namesake of that former Boston University and Red Sox great, and has been awarded to the likes of Pete Sampras, Greg Louganis, and Cody Bellinger.  Further, AHEPA honored Stylianos Kyriakides' legendary accomplishments at the 2008 Athletic Banquet in Athens, when Gregory J. Stamos awarded his daughter, Eleni a plaque (credit for that, likewise, goes to Nick Tsiotos, for arranging same and acting as Master of Ceremony at that Banquet).

Bravo to Nick and Andy for the important role they have played in highlighting not only the athletic accomplishments of Hellenes, but placing such in the context of service to Hellenism and our heritage.

Best Regards,

Gregory J. Stamos

Ansonia, CT