What Tsipras' Heroes Have Wrought for Greece

The National Herald

(Julien Warnand, Pool Photo via AP)

Knowing he's headed for the dustbin of history and a thumping in the July 7 snap elections he called, Prime Minister and Looney Left SYRIZA leader Alexis “The Great Reneger” Tsipras decided to give the Greeks he decimated with brutal measures he swore to reject but then imposed a little parting gift: opening the prison doors to release hundreds of robbers and violent criminals.

Just to show his heart would be in the right place if he had one, the penal code rammed through Parliament by Tsipras' Minions also will make it just about impossible to put the thieves back if they return to their robbing ways.

It was part of the Get-Out-of-Jail-Free and Don't-Go-Back-to-Jail card that the SYRIZANS approved as they don't believe anyone should go to jail for any reason, except for rival politicians they framed in the fake Novartis drug company scandal that was put together with bailing wire and chewing gum it was so phony and contrived.

The leniency law would have gone easy on rapists too before an outcry changed that thoughtlessness – SYRIZA said it wasn't rape unless it was violent which should make you think about what they think.

They also wanted to let anarchists and terrorists possess Molotov Cocktails and bombs but not throw them at riot police during frequent clashes between the sides so guess they could be used as reading lamps.

Under the new law, certain types of thefts and burglaries will be changed from a felony to a misdemeanor unless the amount stolen is 120,000 euros ($136,455,) the kind of money the SYRIZANS have lying around their houses so they don't care if the robbers hit someone else and take a couple of hundred euros.

That's the anarchist thinking, SYRIZA being riddled with them, the belief that you can rob banks except the ones where you deposit your money. The 120,000 euro ceiling for a felony means, a police official who wasn't named told Kathimerini that, “It is not enough to get a burglar’s fingerprint on, say, 100 houses for him to face criminal charges. The police have to prove that the total loot is in excess of 120,000 euros. Otherwise, the suspect will be charged with a misdemeanor and will walk free the day after his arrest.”

The cops correctly think releasing hundreds of robbers means there will be a new wave of robberies and home invasions, and that under the coming New Democracy regime that the recidivists won't be jailed again until the Conservatives change the law, too late to put the thieves back in jail where they belong.

Remember that Tsipras and his acolytes want to let terrorist assassin Dimitris Koufodinas, one of the leaders of the broken-up Nov. 17 gang, released from prison – a low-security work farm where he was transferred.

He's serving 11 life sentences for the murders of 23 people, including five Americans attached to the U.S. Embassy over the years, leading U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt to call him for what he is: “a murderer, not Robin Hood.”

One of those victims – he's never mentioned by SYRIZA or the terrorist killers – was Thanos Axarlian, a 22-year-old student, hit by shrapnel in a 1992 downtown Athens attack by Nov. 17 during a missile attack on then-Finance Minister Ioannis Palaiokrassas.

Remember too that SYRIZA kept a university asylum law whose sole purpose is to give criminals sanctuary from the police after committing crimes and being able to run back onto campuses to freely give the finger to society and do what they want.

The Tsipras Heroes – anarchists, terrorists, criminals, boot-licking lackey lawmakers who fetch his pipe and slippers – also brought a wave of violence in parts of the Greek capital, the neighborhood of Exarchia, a filthy, grimy, graffiti-covered collection of buildings that look like they're abandoned – under control of anti-establishment groups.

When the anarchist group Rouvikonas – gone off the rails after using their impunity and might to go after deserved targets like bribe-seeking doctors – started rampaging in support of Koufodinas' demand for a seventh vacation from jail, Tsipras said nothing.

With the trial of Golden Dawn's nazi Members of Parliament on charges of running a criminal gang and a member killing anti-Fascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas in 2013 in a fourth year, Tsipras said nothing.

The Looney Leftists leniency now has seen Constantina Athanasopoulou, 27, a fugitive. She's an associate of Panagiota Roupa, the unrepentant leading member of the Revolutionary Struggle guerrilla group who's in jail and spitting in the public's face.

Athanasopoulou was arrested in January 2017 as an associate of Roupa, herself then a fugitive before being caught. Athanasopoulou was released in June 2018 after the maximum 18-month period of pre-trial detention expired, on the condition that she report to the police every week.

She's the latest anarchist/terrorist to go on the lam under SYRIZA, vanishing so she wouldn't have to go to court which had sentenced her to 34 years in jail or participating in a plot to free Revolutionary Struggle leader Nikos Maziotis from Korydallos Prison.

So Tsipras needs to restudy the manifestos and history of his heroes and idols, people like Fidel Castro, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, and Uncle Joe Stalin because their modus operandi was to put people – the wrong ones – in jail, not let them out.