Time to Politically Poleaxe Polakis, Tsipras’ Pit Bull



Already lower than a snake’s belly (a new species could be named after him) Greece’s Alternate Health Minister Pavlos Polakis, who likes speaking out of both sides of his mouth at the same he has both feet in it, took political cruelty to a new low when he essentially mocked the 99 victims of the July 23 wildfire in the seaside village of Mati.

They – including twin nine-year-old girls found huddled with their grandparents atop a cliff with the sea tantalizingly close below them, but too far to jump and too rocky to survive - were burned alive in an inferno with temperatures as high as 800 degrees Celsius (1,472 Fahrenheit), choked to death in thick smoke or drowned as they tried to escape in the waters, waiting for rescue from the Greek Navy which didn’t come.

A surgeon who smoked at a No Smoking Day conference to ridicule that event too, Polakis, who looks like an unmade bed and a thousand miles of bad road – just the look you want in a guy about to operate on you – had the temerity to go after Costas Synolakis, a noted disaster expert and Professor at the Technical University of Crete about the government’s response to the fire, which was a debacle.

In the chaos, drivers were directed into the village and many died, trapped in their cars on narrow, crowded streets as the fire and smoke covered them.

A study presented by Synolakis and five other experts found that the 90 minutes between when the blaze started on Mount Penteli and when it reached Mati on the coast was long enough to evacuate the small town.

That’s what’s called science, not the BS Polakis spouts on issues he knows nothing about, which is everything, showing the depth of the cruelty that’s part of the DNA of the Looney Left SYRIZA of Prime MinisterAlexis “Stoneheart” Tsipras.

While the Premier reneged on promises to help workers, pensioners and the poor, the alleged surgeon spit on the ashes of the dead.

Instead of shutting up or having the decency (neither he nor Tsipras have any) to respect the dead, he said Synolakis should “clean up”the vines on a power pole outside his house to avoid being electrocuted “in case of rain or fire,” making himself a new form of low life below a paramecium.

What can you expect of a doctor who took the Hypocritical Oath and forgot that first, he’s supposed to do no harm, which is what happens every time he opens his mouth to show what an ignoramus he is, spitting out long-discredited fake Leftist philosophy of people who revere Venezuelan Embezzler Dictator Nicholas Maduro.

If he’d gone to Mati (we did) he would have seen the embers and devastation and stood on the spot where 26 people, including the twins and their grandparents, died in the worst possible way while his government had no disaster or evacuation plan and watched it happen, even trying to cover up the news there had been fatalities.

Tsipras went to Mati and promised those who survived that their damaged homes, those not razed completely, would be spared paying the hated ENFIA property tax surcharge he increased after vowing to end it.

Being the heartless betrayer he is, he broke his word on that too so people living in a charred field of burned pine trees that will take years to recover will have to pay an escalated tax on houses, some barely livable. That’s the kind guys Polakis and Tsipras are.

A pompous windbag who could float a hot air balloon, Polakis last year criticized a court ruling against a woman convicted of terrorism charges before she was acquitted, leading the union representing Greek hospital workers, POEDIN, to tell him to "leave the judges alone and focus on hospitals,” although you wouldn’t him near a hospital either.

Mr. Loudmouth also claimed, without any evidence, most judges are corrupt (because they won’t back SYRIZA) and was ordered by a court to pay 25,000 euros ($29,234) in compensation to hospital workers union President Michali Yiannakos who had criticized the government’s merciless health care slashes.

Using social media again because he doesn’t have the guts to confront people directly, he called Yiannakos “a fool” and accused him of telling “despicable lies,” adding that his “place is on the trash heap of history,” although there’s no room because Polakis took it all up.

POEDIN sued, correctly calling Polakis out for using “degrading, insulting and wholly inappropriate” language, especially for a minister out of control who should have long ago been canned by Tsipras.

Polakis called private TV channels “gutter stations of vested interests” and journalists covering the Health Ministry as “born yesterday,” and after being challenged by a reporter at a bitter news conference said he should have “stood up and buried him three meters under,” probably drooling when he said it.

The targeted journalist urged the Health Minister to “rein in the dog sitting beside you,” referring to Polakis, who could hide in a pack of hyenas, making it difficult to spot him.

It’s a wonder that he can say anything with his lips surgically attached to Tsipras’ bottom so let’s help out. Is there a real surgeon in the house? Not a heart surgeon because this patient doesn’t have one.