Greek Team Competed with Monaco and Was Victorious (Video)

The National Herald Archive

(Photo by by Vassiliki Michail Pervolarakis. Nassiopoulou)

Initially, Michail Pervolarakis won Romain Arneodo (2-1) and then Stefanos Tsitsipas won Lucas Catarina (2-0) (1st set 6-2, 2nd set 6-1). Stefanos had an easy win in a match that lasted 52 minutes.

On the other hand, although Pervolarakis started very strongly winning the 1st set with 6-1, he lost the 2nd set (6-7 (8)). Although, as Pervolarakis mentioned, the victory of the 2nd set would promote the self-confidence of Arneodo, he finally won the 3rd set with a score 6-4.

As a consequence, Tsitsipas and Pervolarakis led the Greek team to the finals.

At the end of the match Stefanos thanked the Greek team, the crowd and he said that he will keep the positive energy sent by people who like him e.g. he mentioned that Italians liked him. In this way, he contrasted the positive energy of his funs to the negative energy which comes from the media.