101 Years Since Toronto's Anti-Greek Riot

The National Herald Archive

FILE - The Hellenic Heritage Foundation commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Toronto Anti-Greek Riots of 1918. (Photo: Facebook/Hellenic Heritage Foundation)

On August 2nd in 1918, the three-day Toronto anti-Greek riot began. Sparked by frustrated Canadian World War I (“War”) veterans who were angered and resentful about Greece’s neutrality during the War and with the number of Greeks in Canada with jobs, the riot caused $1.25 million worth of property damage, sent 25 people to jail, and injured over 160 people.

Over 50,000 people participated in the riot in Toronto’s streets which started when a mob attacked the Greek-owned White City cafe in response to rumors that a Canadian veteran had been roughly treated there. The mob gained more and more members who began looting Greek businesses throughout the city of Toronto.