Weather Front Ianos to Bring First Autumn Storms in Greece


(Photo by Eurokinissi, file)

ATHENS -- The weather front "Ianos", the first bad weather of the autumn of 2020, will affect Greece in its entirety from Thursday due to an atmospheric disturbance in the area of the central Mediterranean that is expected to gradually gain strength, according to a forecast from the National Observatory of Athens' meteo weather service on Wednesday, as well as the available weather forecast models of other agencies.

The main characteristics of Ianos will be heavy rainfall, particularly in the Ionian Sea and in southern parts of the country, thunderstorms and strong gale-force winds, especially at sea.

Weather scientists underlined that due to the uncertainty of forecasts in the transitional seasons and due to the present position of the atmospheric disturbance, which is over the sea, it is not yet clear what trajectory it will follow in Greece.

Additionally, it is not yet clear whether Ianos will acquire tropical characteristics or meet the requirements to be classed as a Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane), something that can't be ruled out.