Official: Delivery of Fewer Vaccines Not an Issue Exclusive to Greece


Monday's live briefing on the unfolding national vaccinations program. (Photo by Yiannis Panagopoulos, file)

ATHENS -- Some 372,243 vaccination appointments for both the first and second doses against Covid-19 have so far been booked in Greece, said Health Ministry Secretary General for Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, at Monday's live briefing on the unfolding national vaccinations program.

First-dose appointments correspond to 126,975 inoculated citizens over the age of 85, he added, and 18,483 concern vaccinated workers in the national health system, including doctors and nurses.

Appointments are available at all the health districts nationwide, and he mentioned that Greece on Monday received 49,160 Pfizer vaccines. The fact that Greece received fewer doses than expected is not an issue exclusive to Greece, as it is observed in all EU countries, he explained, as Pfizer has said that deliveries of its vaccine will resume as per usual as of next week.

Coronavirus vaccines do not cause Covid-19

Coronavirus vaccinations underway internationally are being carried out according to the vaccines' availability, stressed the Head of the National Vaccinations Committee Maria Theodoridou at the regular Monday evening live briefing.

Some 40 million people have so far been vaccinated in some 51 countries, she added, before referring to the fact that health authorities are closely monitoring vaccinations after the fact, to register any, if any, side effects. In this context, all incidents of side effects are registered and analyzed so as to detect any link between those and the fact of vaccination.

She also clarified that the coronavirus vaccine does not cause Covid-19, as the mRNA mechanism by which it operates in the human body does not allow for that to happen, it is not part of the defensive instructions the vaccine gives the body, she highlighted.

Regarding anyone who wishes to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu and pneumococcus alongside the coronavirus vaccine, she said they can be so inoculated 15 days prior and 15 days after the coronavirus vaccine.