Greek, Mexican Space Agencies Sign Collaboration Agreement

The National Herald Archive

Hellenic Space Agency

The Hellenic Space Agency (HSA) and the Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM) signed a memorandum of collaboration to promote and implement joint actions that include an exchange of scientists, joint event and seminar planning and collaboration at national and international conferences.

The agreement was signed on Friday by the presidents of HSA, Christodoulos Protopapas, and his counterpart at AEM Francisco Javier Mendieta Jimenes, respectively.

The agreement focuses on the joint construction of low-orbit satellites, technology related to space exploration in general, observation of the Earth, and management of natural disasters.

Greece and Mexico "share similarities such as widely distributed population, large sea bodies, extensive coastlines, variable orography, and susceptibility to natural disasters," Jimenez said, adding that both countries are also committed to using space to serve societal needs. The agreement would bring into play government, industry and academia for better use of space sources for the general population, he said.

Protopapas noted that "AEM has a long tradition in the peaceful use of space for all sectors" and its expertise was particularly valuable in the speedy and timely warning of natural disasters and fire especially. In addition, the Mexican space agency has experience in using space methods for farming and weather forecasts, he said.


Source: ANA-MPA