Foundation of the Hellenic World Participating in Bridges Programme

The National Herald

Foundation of the Hellenic World logo. (Photo via Facebook)

ATHENS -- The Foundation of the Hellenic World, as the leading organisation for the use of new technologies and virtual reality to promote and disseminate culture, is participating in the BRIDGES project (hyBRID [physical-diGital] multi-user Extended reality platform as a Stimulus for industry uptake of interactive interfaces).

According to an announcement, the inaugural meeting of the project took place on October 22-23, with nine representatives of the partners at the The Foundation of the Hellenic World and a video conference with 30 other representatives of the nine partners participating in the project, among them some airports.

According to the same announcement, the main purpose of the BRIDGES project is to develop an integrated large-scale augmented reality platform, as well as related thematic experiences, to be developed and tested in carefully selected areas of application, such as culture and firefighting.

There will be a combination of natural and virtual/augmented reality and the use of multi-sensory stimuli with the incorporation of effects such as: wind, heat, smell, vibration, in addition to the classic visual, acoustic and tactile. Its use will be tested with scenarios in the field of culture that will be prepared by the Foundation of the Hellenic World, and in scenarios that will be created by the partners of the airports.

The project is partly funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, with the firm Maggioli as coordinator and the following firms as partners: Illusion Walk, Bolt Virtual Services and Productions, University of Athens, Technical University of Vienna, Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Athens International Airport and Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH.