Gift of Life Reminds Us of True Human Kindness

The National Herald

Michael Black, Nevada City, California in 2012. Photo by Pamela Biery

It always seems like there will be another moment, but sometimes there’s not. Each day is a day full of opportunity. It’s not a cliche to say live into it.

Michael Christopher Black lived fully and now so very suddenly he is gone. Eight people have a new opportunity because he chose to be an organ donor and his parents very courageously honored that wish, as reported in The National Herald:

Now on top of the tremendous grief of losing a child the unwinding of a life suddenly curtailed is beginning – how to untwist the actions, intentions, and loose ends of someone fading so early in their stride?

These are the tasks now before Michael’s mother. There is hope for a future for his photography, for his unfinished business in California and Paris. There is gratitude for those on the island of Tinos who provided his remains with a place to stay where he was so happy.

I feel very fortunate to have seen Michael just before his recent journey to Greece to wish him well and ask for a safe return. Regrettably, not all wishes come true.

We are grateful for all you gave, Michael Christopher Black.

About Michael

Michael Black tragically passed following a motorcycle accident on Tinos in September 2019. His organs crossed borders to provide new life to others.

Friends of his family have established a GoFundMe account to assist in this sudden and tragic reality. Visit for more information and to contribute.


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