John Podesta Tells Donald Trump to Get His "Head in the Game"

Αssociated Press

John Podesta. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton's former campaign chair is telling President Donald Trump to "Get a grip" and get his "head in the game."

Greek-American John Podesta says on Twitter: "Dude, get your head in the game. You're representing the US at the G20."

Trump had tweeted earlier Friday that "Everyone" in Hamburg, Germany "is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!"

Trump is attending a summit of world leaders in the country.

Podesta said he saw Trump's tweet during a stop on a cross-country road trip with his wife.

He says, "God only knows what you'll be raving about on twitter by the time we get to Utah."