UK Defends PM's Dad Flouting COVID-19 Rules for Trip to Greece

Αssociated Press

Stanley Johnson, father of Britain s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, checks his cellphone as he sits at a tavern in Horto village, Mount Pelion (also known as Pilio), central Greece, Thursday, July 2, 2020. ( via AP)

VOLOS, Greece -- Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father didn’t break the United Kingdom’s rules on traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic when he went to Greece, Transport Minister Grant Shapps said, but there was no word from Greece why he was allowed, with British tourists barred for now over the United Kingdom’s high infection rate.

Stanley Johnson, a former lawmaker, skirted Greece’s ban on direct flights from the UK by first flying to the Bulgarian capital of Sofia and then to Greece, flaunting how he got around the restrictions in Greece by posting photos on social media as he flew over the country.

Johnson was within his rights to travel said Shapps, telling Sky News that the government hasn’t ordered people to stay in the country, only advising them to do so.

“It’s advice so everyone can decide what to do with the advice,” he said, while Prime Minister Johnson, whose top aide earlier broke rules against traveling within the country, shrugged off complaints about his father traveling to Greece.

“I think you really ought to raise that with him,” Johnson told LBC radio despite current advice for British nationals to avoid all but essential international travel, said Reuters.