Thomas the Greek Baby Deer Gets New Deer Friend, Mata


(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Antonis Nikolopoulos, file)

FLORINA, Greece - A second newborn roe deer calf was found in a bush near a farm at the Kompoti area, Arta, on Wednesday and taken to the Arcturos wildlife shelter in Florina.

Its rescuers named it 'Mata' and it will keep company to 'Thomas', another newborn baby deer that was brought to Arcturos sanctuary on Monday.

The two animals will remain at the organization's veterinary clinic at Agrapidies, Florina, for a few weeks until reintegration back into the wild sometime next year.

Thomas had been found with a broken leg by hunters on Mount Paiko and was treated immediately, as its chances of survival in the woods with such injuries were less than slim.