Storm Ianos Moving East; Athens to Experience Intense Rain Overnight


(Photo by Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS -- The Mediterranean hurricane (Medicane) "Ianos", currently active in Greece, is moving from the western shores of Greece towards the south, central and eastern parts of mainland Greece, which are experiencing heavy rainfall as of Friday afternoon.

According to the National Observatory of Athens and its Meteo service, extended hours of heavy rainfall are expected in southern areas of Central Greece and the eastern Peloponnese.

In Attica, Meteo predicted intense and intermittent rain overnight, especially in the northern and eastern parts of the region.

According to the service's data, the mainland is experiencing rainfall of over 50 mm/hour, while the Observatory's network of 360 on-land stations recorded instances where rainfall reached over 140 mm/hour up to 17:20 on Friday.

The government has been on alert and issued directions for the safety of the public before the storm hit landfall on Thursday night.