Post Office on Wheels to Serve Vathy on Samos Island After Earthquake


A total of 300 buildings deemed temporarily unsafe on Samos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Manolis Thravalos)

SAMOS, Greece -- A post office on wheels transported to the island of Samos has been handling the island's needs at Vathy, after a strong earthquake damaged the Hellenic Post Office (ELTA) building on Friday.

An ELTA announcement said that the mayor of Samos and an emergency rescue team (EMAK) provided invaluable help in transferring equipment from the damaged building to a temporary storage space, to facilitate transactions with the public.

All other postal buildings on the island are undamaged and operating normally (in Pythagorio, Pyrgos and Karlovasi). In addition, six postal agencies on the island are operating as usual.