Police Investigate Bomb Attack on Cyprus Media Group Building

Αssociated Press

(Nikos Litsardis/ via AP, CROPPED)

LIMASSOL, Cyprus - Police in the Cypriot port city of Limassol said they were probing an explosion outside the building of a media group that includes an office of the The Cyprus Times, a homemade pipe bomb that caused extensive damage to the front.

The explosion happened at 2:10 a.m. March 4 at the entrance of  MC Digital Media, with police saying high explosives were used in the attack and were probing whether it was an attack over news coverage on the island, said Kathimerini Cyprus.

In a video clip published by daily Politis, audio is heard during an onsite interview suggesting that no phone call had been placed ahead of the explosion and nobody on staff had received advanced warning.

The MC Digital Media network includes the news site as well as other sports, life, showbiz, and economy pages. No injuries were reported.

There have been a number of car bomb attacks on referees and soccer figures with reports the game is soaked with corruption and the center of match fixing in European leagues and reports that Golden Visas that come with European Union passports were given to rich foreigners without checking for criminal activity.