Pavlos Fyssas Brigade Claims Golden Dawn HQ Attack


Assailants attack Golden Dawn main offices in Mesogeion Str. Athens, Greece, on Friday, March 31. (Photos/Eurokinissi, @mirsiniloizou)

ATHENS - A group which took its name after an anti-Fascist hip-hop artist killed in 2013 said it was behind the attack on the headquarters of the far-right extremist Golden Dawn, one of whose members was charged in the murder.

The Pavlos Fyssas Brigade claimed responsibility for the broad daylight sledgehammer attack and said it would strike again. The attack was followed by the beating of a student which police said was orchestrated by a Golden Dawn official whose followers swarm victims.

In a statement posted on an anti-establishment website (Athens Indymedia), it accused Golden Dawn, all of whose lawmakers and dozens of whose members have been on trial, delayed on-and-off for more than 18 months, of being part of the establishment and of collusion with big business interests.

Fyssas, a leftist rapper, was fatally stabbed by Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias in Karatsini on the night of Sept.18, 2013.

Despite being charged with the capital offense of murder Roupakias was to be released from jail because and placed under house arrest because he had spent the maximum 18 months in pretrial custody.

The trial is expected to on at least another year because the government hasn’t found a courtroom dedicated to it and many defendants refuse to show up.