Pavlopoulos Visits Beijing's Forbidden City, Stresses Importance of Dialogue among Civilisations


(Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis, file)

BEIJING, China - Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Monday stressed the importance of dialogue among civilisations in the current troubled times during his visit to Beijing's "Forbidden City".

"The Forbidden City is one of the places that make up the soul, literally, of China's culture. And it is from where China disseminates what we are also seeking in today's critical era: that is, the essence of dialogue among civilisations," he underlined.

He also recalled that "together with China, we have already joined forces."

"The Antikythera Mechanism was hosted here while at the Acropolis Museum we had this magnificent exhibition on China's Emperor Qianlong's apartments. It was the first time that the exhibition left the Forbidden City. We will continue in the same direction. Because both peoples know the value of the dialogue among civilisations in the current troubled times. It is the basis of peaceful coexistence, of the peaceful co-creation that we all need. Especially for us Greeks, since we are well aware that apart from our own heritage, we represent the global cultural heritage and, in particular, the cultural heritage of our great European family, the European Union."