Panama-Flagged Freighter Collides With Islet South of Kythera



ATHENS -- The Panama-flagged freighter 'T Moon' collided with the rock islet 'Avgo' south of the island of Kythera, due to a malfunctioning rudder. The ship had set sail with cargo from Croatia, with a crew of 12 on board. It sustained damage but no injuries were reported.

The collision took place on Monday and the ship managed to sail to safety under its own power, escorted by a coast guard patrol boat, to anchorage in the harbour of Rethymno, which was its final destination.

An investigation has been launched by the Rethymno coast guard, which has forbidden the ship from sailing until it has been inspected and received a certificate of sea-worthiness. A coast guard patrol boat remains on standby next to the ship to provide assistance if needed.