Olympiacos Fans Attacked in Constantinople; Two Hospitalised


EUROLEAGUE / FINAL-4 / Constantinople. (LATO KLODIAN / Eurokinissi Sports)

CONSTANTINOPLE (ANA)- Two Greeks, supporters of Olympiacos basketball team, were hospitalised following clashes between Greek and Turkish supporters that broke out on Friday near Taxim square in Constantinople.

According to sources, one of the victims was stabbed in the leg and the other was hit in the face while their condition does not give rise for concern.

Fifteen Olympiacos supporters that arrived for the Euroleague final four taking place in Constantinople later on Friday were attacked while taking a walk near Taxim square.

Suddenly a Turkish fan lit a smoke canister and started shouting at them. A group of Turks then came out onto the street and attacked the Greeks, rhythmically chanting "Istanbul, Istanbul". Undercover police in plainclothes intervened and detained five Turks.

According to the Turkish police, the Turks arrested were Fenerbahce's fans who travelled to Constantinople from the city of Maltepe and the attack was not an action planned by Fenerbahce's organised supporters. Police also said that the bloody incident has nothing to do with Greek-Turkish affairs.

The video of the attack on the Greek fans was posted on the Fener Fanatics twitter feed with the comment "The speedy Greeks in Istanbul".