Municipalities of Saronikos and Lavreotiki Opposed to Wind Turbines on Mt. Paneion


(Photo by Eurokinissi, file)

ATHENS - Τhe municipalities of Saronicos and Lavreotiki on Friday organised a joint protest against the installation of wind turbines on Mount Paneion, blocking the road leading to the mountain shortly after dawn. The protest was held following the unanimous decisions of the two municipal councils and an intermunicipal committee.

"The two municipalities are not opposed to renewable energy sources but to the large-scale installation of wind turbines," said an announcement, adding that the project was being carried out without taking into account either the strategic planning of the municipalities of Lavreotiki and Saronikos or the local community and its needs.

Saronikos Mayor Petros Filippou and Lavreotiki Mayor Dimitris Loukas made a joint statement in which they pointed out, among others, that: "The unanimous decisions of our municipal councils against the project reflects also our positions before an environmental threat and the concern of the local communities for the natural integrity of the mountain. We are aware that many kilometres of new roads, pillars and cables, as well as huge cement bases, are needed for the construction of a wind turbine system. It demands the expropriation of a large part of the mountain, which means an irreversible decline in our quality of life. For our municipalities Mt Paneion is our comparative advantage for gentle development with walking paths and recreational routes, as well as the development of alternative forms of tourism".

The two mayors said that they will escalate their mobilisation for the suspension of the works and call on the citizens to rally and safeguard the natural wealth of Mt. Paneion.