Median Age of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Greece Is 46 Years

Αssociated Press

Policemen conduct checks for movement permission at Alimos suburb, south of Athens, Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS -- The median age of confirmed coronavirus cases in Greece currently stands at 46 years, "which indicates how the virus spreads", underlined Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias at Wednesday's live briefing on the pandemic and the unfolding inoculation program.

Speaking alongside Pediatrics Professor Maria Tsolia, the minister said there has been a rise in new infections in the 35-54 age group over the last 15 days, before he stressed anew the significance of wearing face masks, keeping strict social distancing, and observing all safety measures.

The majority of new infections registered in the last 7 days (per 100,000 inhabitants) were detected in the regions of West Attica, Boeotia, Lesvos, Kalymnos, Rodopi, Argolis and Chalkidiki, stressed the minister. Health authorities are focusing on Attica region, due to its large geographical scale and the way the virus is dispersing there, he noted.

Meanwhile, the number of hospitalizations in the country's intensive care units is dropping, "but not to a satisfactory level", as "a 60 pct of ICU beds nationwide are still occupied."

The vaccinations program is already in its third week and is progressing without any hurdles, said Tsolia, adding that citizens over the age of 85 will begin receiving the vaccine in the next few days. Inoculation of the elderly at nursing homes is underway, in parallel to the vaccination of doctors and nurses at hospitals, she added.

Nearly 65,000 vaccinations have been carried out so far been nationwide, equal to a 0.59 pct of the general population total, Tsolia noted.