Lemnians Donate More Than 70,000 Euros to Support Their Hospital

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

General Hospital - Health Center of Lemnos. (Photo courtesy of Thomas Loukas)

MYRINA, LEMNOS – Τhe Medical Association of Lemnos managed to raise more than 70,000 euros from donations to support the island's hospital.

The effort began in early April in order for the hospital to be prepared to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and generally to meet its ongoing needs.

Among the donations collected were sums from expatriates in the United States who were motivated by a relevant article published by The National Herald. They have already sent 10,000 euros and more money from them is expected.

The vice-president of the "Hephaestus" association, Alexandros Tsoukalas, in a telephone interview with The National Herald, said that "we had a conference with our president, Lefteris Hasapis, and all the members of the Board of Directors, and we decided that the society would give $5,000 and the Women's auxiliary 'Maroula' would give 1,000 dollars. Meanwhile, in just a few hours, another $5,300 was raised among friends.”

"The Medical Association does not make donations to the Hospital. We are simply collecting the money, and for each donation of the equipment, the names of the donors are fully cited," the president of the Medical Association, Thomas Loukas said to The National Herald.

He also wanted to express his gratitude to the expatriates and in general to all those who responded to their call.

"We want to thank them and reassure them that even their last dollar will be invested," said Loukas.

"With the amount that has been collected, very important equipment has been purchased. From now on, whatever comes is welcome.’’

The endeavor motivated many to make direct donations to the hospital. Among them is an Australian expatriate who wished to remain anonymous who donated 6,000.

Also, a local company in Lemnos donated three cardiograph machines directly to the hospital.

It is not, however, the first time that the people in the Diaspora from Lemnos have expressed their support for the healthcare facilities of their island. The old Hospital of Lemnos was built with money from expatriates, and specifically with donations from "Hephaestus". After the liberation from the Germans in 1944, again with the help of "Hephaestus", equipment was purchased and several medical departments were opened – Pathology, Surgical, Obstetric, Microbiology, and the Radiology Laboratory.