Large Fire at Plastics Recycling Plant Shuts Down Athens-Lamia National Highway


Large fire at plastics recycling plant shuts down Athens-Lamia national highway. (Photo by Eurokinissi. Vassilis Rempapis)

ATHENS -- A fire that is burning a plastics recycling plant in Metamorfosi, NE of Athens, has resulted in the shutdown of the national highway and brought out more forces to prevent its spread.

The fire broke out early on Saturday and has engulfed the factory. At least 49 firefighters with 14 fire trucks, an emergency foot unit from Elefsina, 2 helicopters, volunteer firefighters and local water trucks are trying to put it out as of Saturday noon.

The Athens-Lamia highway is shut down and traffic police are redirecting traffic at the cut-off point of the highway to the high-speed Attiki Odos, as visibility is hampered by thick black smoke. Circulation on Attiki Odos is free to and from the airport, for the time being.

At the same time, all Attiki Odos exits to Lamia have been shut down in both directions of traffic.