Illegal Baby Adoption Ring Dismantled in Alexandroupolis


(File photo: Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

THESSALONIKI - The Alexandroupolis police on Friday reported the dismantling of an organised illegal infant adoption ring and the arrest of four alleged members of the gang in the towns of Evros and Xanthi, among them the suspected head of the ring.

Specifically, two men and two women, all Greek nationals, were arrested while four more persons have been identified as members of the ring.

According to police, the members of the gang brought pregnant women from Bulgaria to give birth in Greece. After delivery, the members of the gang took the babies and offered them to Greek couples for adoption in exchange for cash. The Bulgarian mothers then returned to their country after receiving part of the money.

During the investigation, police uncovered the gang's involvement in three illegal baby adoptions in Greece. The suspects arrested were led before an Alexandroupolis prosecutor while the investigation continues.