Ikaria Resident Describes the Earthquake to TNH

The National Herald

Boulders block roads on the island of Ikaria following the earthquake centered near Samos. (Photo: Courtesy of L.P.)

ΙΚΑRΙΑ – The earthquake that occurred in Samos on October 30, was felt as far as Athens and Tripoli, but most especially in the nearby islands, such as Ikaria.

The National Herald contacted the 32-year-old L.P., a resident of Raches in Ikaria, who said, "It was the strongest and scariest earthquake I have ever experienced."

"We still do not have electricity or phone service," he added on Friday afternoon. "We have damage on the island but minimal compared to Samos and Smyrna," he told TNH. "Rocks from landslides have blocked roads."

He later told TNH that "fortunately there are no casualties on the island," adding that "an old house collapsed," and that aftershocks continue to shake the area.

"I was out checking on the livestock, watching my house and the trees shake," he said.

It should be noted that the strong earthquake measured 6.7 on the Richter scale occurred at 1:51 PM centered on the sea area 16 km north northwest of Samos. According to the latest information, two students lost their lives in Vathi, Samos, while according to information from Turkey, six people died, hundreds were injured, and many buildings collapsed.