Hackers Post Turkish Flag on #Greece Instagram, Cut off Photos

The National Herald Archive

ATHENS - After briefly shutting down official websites of Greece’s government and public safety offices, hackers believed from Turkey put a Turkish flag on the #Greece Instagram site, replacing pictures of Greece.

That came after a Greek Member of EU Parliament, Ioannis Lagos, an Independent who had previously been with the ultra-far-right Golden Dawn, ripped up a copy of the Turkish flag in the European Parliament, for which he was denounced by the New Democracy government.

The Turkish flag image, featuring #Greece in its caption, soared in likes for several hours, said the Sydney, Australia-based Greek City Times.

The posting said: “What we live for, what we fight for, what we fall for martyrs, why we cannot control a breath in this Cihan, why is it that we end in endless wars! Is it to trample the legacy of our ancestors and make it over our heads! Let’s claim our Flag, which is irrigated with thousands of martyrs of blood, on every platform, the flag is the honor of a country!”