Greek Students Asked to Return Old Textbooks for Reuse, Recycling


Photo by Giorgos Kontarinis/Eurokinissi (file).

ATHENS - Greek pupils are being asked by The Education Ministry to return millions of old textbooks so they can be recycled or reused instead of being put aside or discarded.

A recent study by the Diofantos Institute for Computer Technology and Press said some 28 million books are distributed every year to middle- and high-school students in Greece, requiring 10,000 tons of paper to make at a cost of 19 million euros ($21.29 million) instead of using digital devices such as Kindle in the schools.

A program to cut the costs has reduced spending for the books from 36 million euros ($40.35 million) in 2011.

The study said if students returned just 10 percent of their books there could be an annual saving of two million euros ($2.24 million) in recycling.