Greek Secondary School Teachers Union Federation Reacts to re-Opening of Schools


(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Vassilis Ververidis, File)

ATHENS - The Greek Federation of Secondary Education State Schools Teachers (OLME) has called its members to strike action in response to the government's decision to reopen secondary schools and return teachers to classrooms on Wednesday.

The education ministry has required secondary school teachers to go into schools on May 6 in order to make the necessary preparations for the start of classes next Monday, May 11 - initially for final-year students only and then for highschool students in the last three years of school on the following Monday, May 18.

The Federation has called a three-hour work stoppage and has urged local teachers' unions to announce a three-hour work stoppage up until the end of the school day. In addition, it called on all teachers that either themselves belong or have household members belonging to vulnerable groups to make use of the special purpose leave on May 7-8.

According to OLME, the majority of schools have not been disinfected and the necessary building infrastructure (rooms with the required square meters) has not been provided to ensure teacher safety, nor has there been any provision to give special leave to teachers with health problems or with family members belonging to vulnerable groups.