Greek Prosecutor Probing Gun-Firing Newspaper Publisher


Stephanos Chios is the owner of Makeleio. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Stelios Stefanou)

ATHENS - With Greek police still hunting for gun-toting soccer boss and business magnate Ivan Savvidis, a prosecutor has ordered a preliminary investigation into an incident in which a newspaper publisher fired a gun in the air to scare off a court officer who had come to serve him papers.

Bullets fired into the air have killed people in Greece, including a student, but there were no reports of injuries in this case in which Kathimerini said Stephanos Chios, who owns the conspiracy-driven newspaper Makeleio, fired his weapon.

That came after he was said to be standing outside his offices before jumping into a taxi to get away fast.

Savvidis is facing a big fine for wearing a handgun when he ran onto the field at the home field of his Thessaloniki team PAOK to protest a waved-off goal but was not arrested despite being in the presence of a number of police and has been staying out of sight for almost a month even though he’s one of the most visible people in the country.

There was no report whether Chios was arrested or what charges he might face, if any, as it’s common in Greece for probes to be ordered only to be forgotten or unpursued.