Greek Prosecutor Again Rejects Koufodinas’ Furlough Demand

The National Herald


With the rejection of a furlough demand by jailed terrorist assassin Dimitris Koufodinas struck down by Greece’s highest court, a prosecutor ordered to review the request a second time has turned it down again.

The prosecutor in the town of Volos, near the low-security farm to which Koufodinas was transferred, rejected the application for the multiple murderer to get a seventh vacation from jail.

Koufodinas in May went on a protracted hunger strike over the previous rejection, leading anarchist sympathizers to conduct violent attacks in Athens in support of him and the high court to direct a review of his furlough, causing him to break off his hunger strike.

The prosecutor justified the decision by pointing to the new felony charges of insurgency that have been brought against the former November terror group lead, said Kathimerini, tied to his protest in solidarity with a hunger-striking anarchist in February 2018.

The new provisions mean that Koufodinas, along with 20 more prison inmates implicated in the incident, essentially lose the right to furlough or early release due to the new charges.

The protest last year was carried out in Greek prisons to express support for Constantinos Giagtzoglou, detained on charges of membership of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire guerrilla group and over a letter bomb attack against former premier Lucas Papademos.

Giagtzoglou had started a hunger and thirst strike demanding his transfer from a jail in Larissa to Attica’s Korydallos Prison, where friends of his are inmates, Ironically, Koufodinas wanted out of Korydallos to get to a low-security farm.

A statement issued by Koufodinas and three jailed anarchists had expressed solidarity with Giagtzoglou, as had other inmates in separate statements.

Koufodinas is serving 11 life sentences for his role in November 17 killing 23 people, including five Americans attached to the US Embassy over the years, leading US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt to denounce him “as a murderer, not Robin Hood.”

Koufodinas was also seen as having sympathy from the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, whose party is riddled with terrorist and anarchist supporters for whom Koufodinas is an idol and darling.