Greek Judges, Prosecutors Want Leniency for Hunger-Strike Koufodinas


FILE - Convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas. (FILE Photo: EUROKINISSI/STELIOS MISINAS)

ATHENS - Greece’s Union of Judges and Prosecutors are siding with supporters of terrorist assassin Dimitris Koufodinas, who is on a hunger strike to demand he be transferred to a jail in Athens, the jurists saying the New Democracy government should give in because his life is in danger.

Koufodinas was one of the heads of the disbanded Nov. 17 terror group that killed 23 people, including five Americans attached to the US Embassy over the years, the band of killers broken up ahead of 2004 Athens Olympics.

Under the previous Radical Left SYRIZA government, that is riddled with terrorist and anarchist sympathizers, he was transferred to a low-security work farm and given a half dozen vacations from jail.

He was transferred from there to the high-security Domokos facility in December in line with new anti-terrorism laws but said it was unlawful and wants to be put in Korydallos Prison in Athens, where he had spent most of jis sentence and could be with other terrorists.

The judges and prosecutors, without saying why their speaking out isn’t a conflict of interest in dealing with cases impartially or influencing the judiciary, noted he’s in the 50th day of not eating and want to save his life.

The Justice Ministry had transferred him to Domokos, citing a spike of COVID-19 cases in West Attica and the fact that Korydallos is supposed to be a pre-trial detention facility although also listed as a high-security facility that’s holding violent criminals, killers and other terrorists.