Greek Husband Will Testify in Wife's Home Invasion Killing


Woman Strangled in Deadly Athens Home Invasion by Burglars. (Photo by Eurokinssi/ Thanassis Dimopoulos)

ATHENS - The Greek husband of a 20-year-old British-Filipino woman suffocated to death in a violent home invasion on May 11 was taken from the island of Alonnissos to Athens to testify about the incident, with police said to be close to solving the case.

New information has emerged from the investigation, police sources not named told the state-run Athens Macedonia News Agency (ANA-MPA) but further details were not given.

The same sources said another person from the couple’s environment has also been called in to testify.

The husband was urgently summoned for additional testimony because "new evidence requires explanations," Greek police said on Thursday afternoon.

That came after a report that Greek police reportedly weren't making any progress in finding the killers because they weren't able to find any DNA evidence under her fingernails.

Caroline Crouch, 20, had a black belt in kickboxing, and police originally believed she must have put up a fight at the home she shared with her Greek husband and 11-month-old daughter, The New York Post reported.

Three men burst into the luxury property, shooting dead the family’s dog, according to a report, tying up her husband, Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, before strangling Crouch in front of her baby.

Despite societal outrage and the New Democracy government offering a 300,000 euro ($363,885) reward for information leading to apprehension of the killers, police were unable to find the getaway vehicle although there was video footage.

“I think we all have to be patient,” the president of the Union of police employees, Dimosthenis Pakos, told SKAI TV. “The police shouldn’t be put under such pressure.”

The victim, who was born in Greece but had a British passport, was sleeping with her husband and baby when three men broke into their home before dawn. 

Although her husband quickly revealed to them where the money was hidden, the robbers shoved pieces of cloth in the woman’s mouth before pushing their hands against her nose and lips, which caused her to suffocate.

Her husband was also bound and gagged, but survived the home attack.

During a briefing, police spokesperson Apostolos Skrekas said, "There is new evidence which requires explanations. Investigation facts cannot be held up. For this reason, a homicide division group went to Alonnisos today." He added, "We waited however for the memorial service to end, and then the 32-year-old husband was transferred to GADA. This could have occurred yesterday, but we respected his wish to attend the memorial service."

Another press spokesperson, Anna Efthymiou, added, "Early this morning, the 32-year-old husband was transported from Alonnisos to Skiathos by boat and from there by air to GADA, in order to be questioned as the only witness, in relation to new evidence that has come up."