Greek Fisherman Charged With Tossing Body in Net Back into Sea



VOLOS, Greece -- A fisherman who allegedly pulled up the body of a spearfisherman in a net near the coast of Pelion in Greece and pushed it back into the sea was arrested and charged with failing to report the discovery of a dead person.

The incident was said to have happened on Sept. 12, the same day that a 74-year-old man who had gone out spearfishing in shallow waters on the central eastern coast of Greece was reported missing.

“The 74-year-old was pulled up ... and thrown back while still inside the net,” the Coast Guard said in a statement without indicating how that was determined after three patrol boats went out looking and a diver eventually found the body, said the British newspaper The Guardian.

The 52-year-old fisherman would be prosecuted, the Coast Guard said, without offering any details of how the victim came to be tangled in the net and if it was the property of the accused.

Pelion is one of Greece’s most popular travel destinations, drawing thousands of visitors annually to its forests and beaches. Spearfishing, a practice that dates back thousands of years, is popular in parts of the Mediterranean, the paper said.