Greece Trying to Secure Release of Crew Abducted off Cameroon

Αssociated Press

(AP Photo/Marcos Moreno, FILE)

ATHENS - Greece’s Shipping Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis said “all necessary measures” were being taken for the release of a Greek crew abducted by gunmen from a Greek tanker off the coast of Cameroon on Dec. 31 but didn’t say what they were.

Speaking on TV channel ANT1,  the minister called for calm, saying many of the actions taken “cannot be made public,” and it wasn’t indicated whether any were military or just diplomatic or to pay an undisclosed ransom although that hasn’t been made public.

The 183-meter freighter Happy Lady was attacked two miles off the port of Limboh, where the ship was riding at anchor, gunmen taking eight of the 28 crew members, identified as five Greeks, two Filipinos and a Ukrainian, and also someone injured.

Despite the proliferation of privacy off Africa, most ships don’t carry armed security guards nor have weapons for the crews, who have to rely on evasive action and spraying water on attackers who approach in small boats with heavy weapons and grappling equipment.