Greece Sets 1500 Euro Fine for Smoking in Cars with Kids


Photo: Eurokinissi/Giorgos Kontarinis

ATHENS - The government isn’t enforcing No Smoking laws but said people who smoke or use electronic cigarettes in a car with a child under 12 will be fined 1500 euros.

No smoking laws are routinely violated in Greece - including by Alternate Health Minister PavlosPolakis who lit up in the Health Ministry at a conference promoting No Smoking Day - and it wasn’t reported how the government expects to catch people in cars while they are driving.

The use of electronic cigarettes is also prevalent, including in supermarkets which allow it while people are shopping for food. The fine will be doubled to 3,000 euros if the vehicle in which the offense is committed is a truck or a taxi and include suspension of driving licenses for a month. Drivers will still be penalized even if another person in the vehicle commits the offense.

Greece’s first attempt at reinforcing no smoking laws came in 2008 but it was generally ignored as have others with Members of Parliament and government officials routinely violating it, including in restaurants and tavernas.

The law also prohibits smoking in all enclosed public places, such cafes, bars and restaurants but smokers generally light up where they want anyway.