Greece Registers 13 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Last 24 Hours


Ministry of Health. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

ATHENS -- Greece registered 22 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours and no fatalities since Thursday, the National Public Health Organization (EODY) said on Friday.

The total number of cases is 3,343, 55.0 pct of whom are men. Of the total, 745 are people who were infected abroad and 1,861 were infected by already known cases. The source of infection for the rest is unknown. Their median age is 47 years.

Eleven Greeks are intubated in hospitals, and their average age is 60 years. Three are women while an 81,8 pct have an underlying condition or are aged 70+. A total of 119 patients have been discharged from ICUs.

The total number of fatalities since January 1 stands at 191, of whom 61 were women. The median age of the deceased was 76 years, while a 95.8 pct of patients had some underlying condition and/or were aged 70+.

Greece has tested a total of 295,851 people as of January 1 of whom 5,413 (1.8 pct) were found to be positive. (The total number includes repeat tests.)